Academic Program

The program offered at Northwest Catholic High School is designed to prepare students for college as well as to provide a well-rounded high school education. The requirement for graduation is 24 credits including the following:

English: 4Mathematics: 4
Religion: 4Science: 3
Foreign Language: 2     Social Studies: 3.5
Fine Arts: 0.5 Physical Education: 1
Health: 0.5LEADS: 0.5*

*Beginning with the Class of 2020

Within the parameters of the graduation requirements and a typical four year program below, there is flexibility. Flexibility exists in the ability levels open to a student in most subject areas and also in the opportunity to choose some electives within the required subject areas and outside of the required subject areas.

World HistoryCivics (0.5 credits) 
Foreign LanguageForeign Language
Physical Education (0.4 credits)*Physical Education (0.4 credits)*
Elective/Fine Arts (often semester courses) Elective/Fine Arts (often semester courses) 
LEADS (0.1)LEADS (0.1)
Total Credits: 6-6.6Health (0.5 credits)
(6 credits are required to pass to Grade 10) Total Credits: 6-6.6
* One season of interscholastic sports equals 0.2 PE credits(12 credits are required to pass to Grade 11) 
ScienceSocial Studies
U.S. HistoryElective (Science/Math/Foreign Language)
Foreign LanguageElective (often semester courses) 
Elective - Optional

LEADS (0.1)

Physical Education (0.2 credits)*Total Credits: 5-6.5
LEADS (0.1) (24 credits are required to graduate) 
Total Credits: 6-6.5 
(18 credits are required to pass to Grade 12)  


To view the current Program of Studies book, click HERE. Course descriptions by subject area are also available on each department's page.

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