Northwest Catholic student delivers lion puzzles to teachers

Northwest Catholic junior Mateo Moran didn’t spend his Easter weekend lounging about, letting the holiday roll by without ceremony because of the pandemic. Instead, Moran and his father, owner of Madd Capp Games, drove from home to home, delivering puzzles to all of Northwest Catholic’s teachers.

In order to thank Northwest Catholic’s teacher for their heroic work in launching NWC Virtual School, the Morans decided to give each teacher a lion puzzle — a lion to represent the school’s mascot. On Good Friday, forty puzzles were delivered to the Morans and on Holy Saturday the pair set out to drive across a dozen towns bringing Easter cheer to Northwest Catholic’s teachers. 

Puzzles have been a hot commodity these past five weeks, and our teachers were delighted to receive their “I AM LION,” a 550 piece, poster-size puzzle. Words of gratitude from the teachers flooded in. The puzzles kept them busy, connected, and more certain than ever that they are part of a special community.

John Mateo explained why he wanted to give the teachers this gift: “My son is a junior at NWC, and my wife, sister-in-law, nephew, and many friends are graduates. My father-in-law is Bob Johnson, former vice principal/teacher/coach at Northwest Catholic for almost 20 years.” Moran continued, “I want to show our appreciation for the teachers' work during these unusual times.”