Virtual Global Awareness Club Waits for Cans

The Global Awareness Club has been collecting and returning deposit cans and bottles from our Dining Hall throughout the school year to raise money for Healing Meals. This is a Bloomfield organization that prepares meals for cancer patients and their families. 

Northwest Catholic Senior and Global Awareness member Jacob Hanelius has supported this group for years, including with his Eagle Scout project. Jacob’s project was to build a cabinet to be put outside the Healing Meals kitchen, used as a drop off location for the snap-ware containers. We have raised about $130 so far this year.

If you do not go to the supermarket or redemption center during social distancing, and if you have the room, you may keep your cans and bottles and donate them to us once we are able to return to our school. These would only be the 5 cent deposit bottles and cans, which means water, anything carbonated, which includes sparkling water, seltzer and soda, and beer. Snapple, juice, ice tea and Gatorade-type drinks are not included and can go in your regular recycling bin from your town. Look for CT on the can or bottle when you find the list of eligible states. 

If you have any questions, contact club moderator Ms. Hart at