Northwest Catholic Heads into 2019-20 Hitting All Targets

Northwest Catholic High School in West Hartford welcomed 493 students back this week, hitting all targets, from enrollment to finances to technology upgrades and master planning. This fall marks Northwest Catholic’s 59th year, and its Catholic mission to educate the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and imagination remains at the school’s core.

When Northwest Catholic opened its doors Tuesday, September 3, the school had in reserves a $1 million dollar gift given this past summer, $1.5 million in annual fund donations, and a sound budget operating firmly in the black. The school also began 2019-20 with a strategic and master plan deep in process, several summer technology upgrades, including a new robotics maker space, and almost 500 students and 60 teachers, administrators, and staff ready to take on the new year. With a freshman class of 112, there is now a waiting list for 2019-20, but families are still encouraged to inquire should spots become available.

The newest members of the Northwest Catholic community, the Class of 2023, hail from 27 towns and 32 middle schools. Thirty-eight percent come from Catholic schools across Greater Hartford, and 39% are students of color. Forty-two freshmen are younger siblings of current students or alumni. This talented class includes scholars, artists, athletes, and servant leaders.

This week Northwest Catholic also welcomed 16 transfer students from area public and private high schools and 29 international students.

In 2019-20 NWC students will see developments in its leadership and campus ministry programs, including a new retreat program, outreach initiatives, academic support, and service immersion trips. 

Northwest Catholic begins the new year positioned for the future and with its sights set on the 60th anniversary and beyond. Throughout the fall, the school will reveal a multi-phased campus master plan, which will include an overhaul of the school’s athletics and STEM facilities as well as strengthening partnerships with area schools.