Step by Step

Your Admissions Checklist


Northwest Catholic has a personalized, friendly, and organized admissions process. We guide prospective students and their families through the admissions journey so they can discover for themselves if NWC is the right fit for them. We know NWC is the school where you know you belong, but we also know each student needs to realize this truth for him or herself. Throughout the entire process, we strive to answer every question and allay every concern as we know the decision to attend an independent high school is monumental and lasting.


The admissions process at Northwest Catholic begins as soon as prospective students start to consider their high school careers. This can start as early as 6th or 7th grade. Prospective students begin their research by reading our website, ordering an admissions packet, following student life through our social media channels, attending events on campus like games and performances, and talking to our current and alumni families about their experiences.

In May of 7th grade, students are invited to take the Pre-High School Placement Test (Pre-HSPT). This practice test helps students know what to expect when they sit for the HSPT as an 8th grader. During the Pre-HSPT, parents are invited to an informal information session where their first questions can be answered.


Once 8th grade begins, students dive headlong into the admissions process. The Admissions Checklist will guide each family through the process. If you have any questions regarding the process, please call 860-236-4221 ext. 140 or email


Students who have applied by November 30, 2018 will be notified in early January. Those who have completed their financial aid application by December 1, 2018 will be sent their financial aid package in early March. All students who would like to accept a spot in 2019-2020 should enroll by April 1, 2019.

In June placement tests are held for students currently enrolled in algebra, Spanish, and French in middle school, and families are invited to NWC to discuss their student's course selection for the fall.

At the end of August the incoming class comes together for thee days of orientation when they celebrate, bond, and learn all about what it means to join the Northwest Catholic PRIDE.