September 21-26: Full Team Practices
September 26: Scrimmages Begin
October 1: Games Begin
November 21: Season End Date

Cheerleading: Courtney Ramos
Cross Country Boys/Girls: Cory Carlson
Field Hockey: Tara Fitzsimons
Football: Mike Lenz
Boys Soccer: Terry Phillip
Girls Soccer: Shelbie Carr
Volleyball: Kerry August

Meet Our Team

Ashley Mara '08

Ashley Mara '08

Titles: Athletic Director
Chris Prescott '08

Chris Prescott '08

Titles: Assistant to the Director of Athletics

Our Approach to Athletics at our Private catholic high school

Our private high school's athletics program emphasizes sacrifice, self-discipline, and dedication. Our athletes demonstrate good sportsmanship, emotional control, dependability, and respect. Through sports, our athletes learn about cooperation, decision-making, and healthy living. Most important, they learn how to work with peers from all walks of life, and they're united through their deep sense of team loyalty and shared spirit.

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