Name a Seat in the Rice Auditorium

Seat Selections will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Seat Prices are as follows:

Center Section:

  • First 5 rows (Rows B, C, D, E, F) - $500/seat
  • Next 5 rows (Rows G, H, J, K, L) - $250/seat or $5,000/row
  • Aisle seats (2 each side) of remaining rows (Rows M-U) - $250/seat
  • Middle seats of remaining rows (Rows M-U) - $200/seat or $2,500/row

Side Sections (Left or Right as facing stage):

  • First row (Row B) - $500/seat
  • Next 4 rows (Rows C, D, E, F) - $250/seat or $2,500/row
  • Aisle seats (2 on center row side) of remaining rows (Rows G thru V) - $250/seat
  • Middle seats of remaining rows (Rows G-V) - $200/seat or $2,500/row

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