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April 2020 Schedule

Physics Wave Length Lesson

Putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination

Our promise at NWC Virtual School remains unchanged: to educate the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and imagination. Academics and college prep are central to our good work. Our virtual classroom communities are exercising our students' minds with engaging assignments. Here is a sample of the how our teachers and students are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination.

The juniors in Morality and Sexuality put the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination by watching and analyzing the Brady Sluder video (the college Spring Breaker in Miami Beach with an apparently very low sense of social responsibility) when he was on vacation, and then when he made his apology. The students put their #MindsInMotion when analyzing the object, intention, and circumstances of the two. They made some very interesting comments using the classic moral analysis framework.

Our physics students are always #MindsInMotion! They just finished sound waves, frequency, harmonics, and wavelength. Now they move to optics. This time it's a "Rain Drop Challenge where they take a photo of a drop of liquid and watch the magic happen when they import it to their computers. Analyzing the droplet hammocking puts the MIND #MINDBodySpiritImagination.

Our Honors Survey of British Drama #MindsInMotion are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination as they search for epigrams in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Our artists are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination as they take the #CovidCreative Challenge. Ms. Marquis says, "There is no excuse to be bored during this quarantine. Use the time as an excuse to flex your creative muscles! Sculpt, paint, play with that digital app you've never tried, cook something, craft, make a meme, TikTok about it, whatever!"

The ACTS class put the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination after praying the Rosary with Archbishop Blair on his livestream this week. They kept their #MindsInMotion by following up the prayer with a discussion of beauty and how it leads to truth.

Our Economics students are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination this week by studying the Financial System and Federal Reserve. #MindsInMotion as they become the leaders of the Federal Reserve System, educate the public about Monetary Policy, decide how to save the U.S. economy from a Coronavirus-triggered Recession, then convince American citizens that their solution is the best one.

Our Theatre Arts students are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination this week by exploring how a movie might be adapted to stage. Using Disney's "The Princess and the Frog," they put their #MindsInMotion and themselves in the director's seat. They chose design inspirations and problem solved ways to create animated movie magic in a live action piece of theatre!

To exercise the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination and keep her French 3 #MindsInMotion, Madame Pagano's students are writing fairy tales in French. Bon travail!

AP Language and Composition #MindsInMotion are using virtual "Literature Circles" to discuss  Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, the inspiring biography of WWII hero Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic track star who survived a plane crash and more than two years in Japanese prisoner of war camps. They are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination when analyzing how Hillenbrand uses rhetorical and literary techniques to create a compelling account of Zamperini's life story.

The Honors American Literature sophomores are putting the MIND in #MINDBodySpiritImagination by discussing Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing." Their discovery? That Whitman celebrates the everyday American workers whose collective manual labor creates "varied carols" of harmonious, "robust, friendly" and  "melodious" music. #MindsInMotion as they notice the theme feels fresh as they connect it to their work as students: "Each singing what belongs to him or her" in their current virtual school setting.

There are so many #MindsInMotion at NWC Virtual School.