Graduate Profile

A Northwest Catholic Graduate aspires to be:

INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS and academically excellent
SPIRITUALLY AWARE and exploring a relationship with God
A COMPASSIONATE LEADER who seeks to serve others and promote justice
COMMUNITY FOCUSED and growing as a member of the NWC family
A WHOLE PERSON who is developing mind, body, spirit, and imagination

Becoming Whole People

When we speak of the profile of a graduate, we are talking about a student who is becoming, not a student who has become. We invite students to discover who they are over their four years at Northwest Catholic, and we give students the tools to explore, again, who they are in college and beyond.

There are no one dimensional students at Northwest Catholic. Our mathematicians are athletes, our vocalists are volunteers, our writers are runners and cellists and altar servers and on and on.

Our well-rounded students then graduate and move on to their institutions of higher learning and bring their varied gifts with them. Our graduates are walking proof of the value of a Northwest Catholic education.

Our Graduates

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