In Your light we shall see light.



A Message from Beth Casey Boyle '96

Beth Casey Boyle '96

Beth Casey Boyle '96

Director of Advancement

Faith and Hope.

Like you, the global crisis has me feeling anxious and afraid. In the face of this real sense of unease, I return to the virtues that were reinforced when I was a student at Northwest Catholic: Faith and Hope. 

Perhaps it was when I watched our faculty pull together in only days to launch NWC Virtual School where they continue to deliver not only the curriculum, but the routines and rituals that make Northwest home. To see our students praying together, discussing challenging topics, laughing out loud, and showing up day after day, albeit in a different way, renews my faith in our community and brings me hope that when we return to campus, we’ll be even stronger.

Perhaps it’s because our seniors and our alumni in their last year of college or graduate work, missing many “lasts,” recognize this situation is bigger than themselves, bring their light to one another, and are recasting celebrations in a virtual world, my faith is deepened and my hope soars.  

Perhaps it’s because I see our alumni on the frontlines as nurses, doctors, first responders, laborers, manufacturers, teachers, counselors, etc., and the alumni who find themselves as caretakers and homeschoolers — all putting the needs of others first, I see God's work in action and have faith and hope that solutions are coming.

With so much uncertainty, life can feel overwhelming, yet I am buoyed by what I see within our Northwest Catholic community. So much faith, so much hope.

Now, more than ever, the world needs Northwest Catholic teachers and students. Now, more than ever, the world needs Northwest Catholic graduates. Now, more than ever, the Northwest Catholic community needs you. The ground has shifted under our feet. Our families need a lifeline. Our school needs your support.

May God bless you, keep you and those you love healthy and safe, and may you know that we pray in gratitude for you today and every day.