Our Mission and Core Values

We are a diverse, Catholic, co-ed, college preparatory community. 
We educate the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and imagination. 
We develop leaders who faithfully serve God and others.

What does Mission Mean to Us

At Northwest Catholic we challenge and guide students in the pursuit of excellence, and we cultivate in them the desire to serve God and others. We provide an environment of hospitality and caring in which young people are encouraged to become who they are called to be. We prepare students for higher education and invite them to participate in spiritual, social, artistic, and athletic activities through which gifts of mind, body, spirit, and imagination can be realized.

Northwest Catholic is an Archdiocesan high school, established and maintained in the Catholic educational tradition. We are committed to academic excellence as well as to the principles of peace, justice, and service. We develop leaders, and we know our diversity provides a rich environment for learning and living. Working and playing with people from varied backgrounds foster the skills needed for success in every sense of the word.

Northwest Catholic's highly qualified teachers and administrators aim to inspire students by exemplifying our core values in their daily living, giving witness to the pursuit of life-long learning, and demonstrating concern for students within and outside the classroom.

We invite you to learn more about the depth and breadth of a Northwest Catholic education, and we welcome you to be part of the Northwest Catholic family.

Core Values

We Stand By Our Beliefs

From our rigorous academic curriculum, to our exceptional athletic teams and arts programs, to our inspiring student life and character-building activities, Northwest Catholic provides opportunities for all students to learn and grow in a remarkable educational setting, grounded in Christian faith and moral values.

To create this environment, we hold fast to our core values. These values are the cornerstones on which all decisions are made. From programmatic and scheduling decisions to student formation and discipline decisions, we look to our core values for guidance.

We believe that an education that does not take into account a student's spiritual life is incomplete. That's why we value FAITH, and we invite our students to explore what faith means to them and how they can live out their faith through acts of service. 

We value RESPECT – respect for self, for one another, and for the environment. Our daily morning prayer reminds us to respect and protect one another. All are welcome at NWC. All are valued. 

Our DIVERSE COMMUNITY provides a rich environment for the cultivation of leadership and collaboration, with students representing broad cultural, economic, racial, and ethnic differences. Working with people from varied backgrounds fosters the skills needed for relationship-building, now and in the future. 

LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE are hallmarks of a Northwest Catholic education. Our one-of-a-kind LEADS curriculum guides students through four years of coursework based on the philosophy and practice of leadership. An integral part of our students' lives is our focus on leadership through curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities.

We EDUCATE THE WHOLE PERSON. Our welcoming and safe community allows students to become who they are meant to be. Our challenging academic program is designed to prepare students for higher education as well as every field imaginable. At the same time, we foster students' spiritual, social, athletic, and artistic lives.