Where You Belong

We are a Private Catholic School Where You Know You Belong.

As you explore our website you’ll discover what it means to feel welcome at Northwest Catholic and how each of our students belongs in his or her unique and independent way. Our site also explains how our alumni continue to belong long after they have graduated.

Our students carve their own paths at Northwest Catholic. We encourage them to find out how each one of them belongs.

Our Diverse Community is welcoming

NWC's diverse and inclusive community is one of Northwest Catholic's greatest strengths. We know that this welcoming environment where diversity of thought and background are championed is critical to being a Catholic school where students know they belong.

Alumni remark that Northwest Catholic's multiracial, multicultural, and economically diverse community prepared them for life. They reflect with deep appreciation on their experiences befriending students from various backgrounds who come from all over Greater Hartford and beyond. Many say the opportunity to learn, play, pray, and grow beside peers of different walks of life taught them about acceptance, cooperation, and the importance of celebrating diversity. Our graduates go on to college ready to live and study with peers from all over the world. They continue onto the workplace prepared to collaborate with colleagues across the globe. A Northwest Catholic education is preparation for life.

Students at NWC come from 51 towns across Connecticut and Massachusetts and represent a diverse population unmatched by Connecticut's public schools. 

To add to this already enviable collage of Connecticut and Massachusetts' best are 6 international students, mostly hailing from Asia. Northwest Catholic is committed to providing its international students with a rich and welcoming experience, and, in turn, its domestic students make lasting connections with friends from across the globe.

Although 70% of NWC's student body is Catholic and another 30% are of various denominations, Northwest Catholic welcomes students of every faith. Current and past students often say the faith-based education provided at NWC worked in concert with their religious beliefs and rituals. 

Prospective students sometimes wonder if they too will belong, and we answer with a resounding YES. If you want what Northwest Catholic offers, and you want to work, serve, create, and win in an environment that celebrates many gifts, you belong!

Celebrating the Individual