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College Preparation Rooted in the Catholic Tradition

Northwest Catholic offers an outstanding college preparatory curriculum rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition of faith in dialogue with reason. Offering a large array of advanced courses in both the humanities and STEM, we prepare our students to be well rounded individuals ready for the challenges of college study.

The faculty and staff at Northwest Catholic are lifelong learners who have made a commitment to excellence, guiding our students to the knowledge and skills they need to be successful at the next level. Through the use of differentiated teaching methods, technology, and personal experience, our teachers engage and challenge students to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively. These are skills that help our students not only in college, but also in life.

Our students consistently outperform national and state averages in college readiness and Advanced Placement exams. They go on to attend prestigious colleges and universities around the country. 

Northwest Catholic is a community where tradition “bleeds green,” where students know they belong, and where they know they make a difference.

Christopher Stuck

Design a Program Right for You

Katie Rose

Katie Rose

Dylan '18

The inspiring mentors whom I have met at NWC have made this school feel like a home and changed my life for the better.

Pawta '19

Teachers at Northwest Catholic motivate and inspire the students.

Paris '19

NWC always has a way to keep students from falling behind.

Matthew '19

At Northwest Catholic the teachers place a huge emphasis on how to be leaders, now and in the future.

Angelica '19

Teachers at NWC help students think for themselves instead of telling them what to think.