Learning Resource Center


What is the program?

The Learning Resource program at Northwest Catholic will consist of the following services:

Classroom accommodations: Extended time testing, preferential seating, hard copies of class notes, and other reasonable accommodations provided on a case by case basis as identified by the diagnostic evaluation.

Academic Success Class: Students meet with a Learning Resource teacher in a scheduled period as part of their regular course rotation. This class provides assistance with study skills, self-advocacy, and provides time for quiet, independent study during the school day. Limited academic tutoring can be available during this time. This class can also be a venue for extended time testing if scheduled 24 hours in advance with the teacher and it does not conflict with other academic time.

Jennifer Montoney, Principal
Kelly Morrison, Director of School Counseling
Oversees Learning Resource Services
Alexis Relyea-Niemann, Social Worker
Coordinates Accommodation Program
Shirley Pranaitis, Learning Resource Specialist
Coordinator of Academic Success Class



Learning Resource Center, previously the Gelormino Library
Library Classroom


Computers: Available for students to use for homework & research.
Group Study Rooms: Students may reserve a study room for tutoring and group projects.
Printing/Scanning: MFD copiers that can be accessed via a printer code. 
Workspaces: Several stand alone cubicles for quiet work and large tables for collaborating. 


Online Reference Sources

Online Reference Sources (offsite access available via the portal)
Britannica School Edition
researchIT CT: The Connecticut Digital Library (researchIT CT) includes indexes to magazines, books, and newspapers for all ages in a number of separate  databases. It also has a database to photographs as well as links to other web reference sources. Also included in this site is a link to catalogs of libraries throughout Connecticut. researchIT CT is provided by the Connecticut State Library.
Gale Literature Resource Center
CQ Researcher
EBSCO-Literary Reference Center
Salem History
Salem Critical Insights
Classroom Video
Gale Global Issues in Context