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If you know only one thing about Northwest Catholic, you know that the School's alumni community is unmatched. NWC alumni are doing good work all over the globe, but it is the reputation in Greater Hartford that has everyone asking, "How does Northwest do it?" 

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Alumni Return to NWC

Pedro Rivera '96 Talks with Students about Police Career

Pedro Rivera, a retired Hartford police officer and 1996 graduate of Northwest Catholic, recently returned to his alma mater to talk with students about his path to public service and the many rewards and challenges of police work.

Derek Donnelly '98 Speaks at School’s Honors Breakfast

Derek Donnelly is an attorney at Blackburn & O’Hara. He lives in Suffield with his wife and two children and remains a proud graduate of Northwest Catholic’s Class of 1998.  

Northwest Catholic Launches Alumni Conversations

The first guest in the new Alumni LEADS Conversations was Elizabeth Carpenter Brantley, a 1996 graduate and an eighteen year veteran of Travelers Insurance.

Northwest Catholic Alumnae Inspires Students at Honors Breakfast

NWC welcomed back Tzivia Freeman-Dasent as the keynote speaker at the school's spring Honors Breakfast

Northwest Catholic Announces Ashley Mara as Head Lacrosse Coach

Ashley Mara '12 returns to Northwest Catholic as Head Women's Lacrosse Coach.


NWC is proud of its alumni who have served in the armed forces. The School celebrates veterans every year with a special program on Veterans Day that illustrates our gratitude to those who have served and continue to serve all over the world. 

Are you an NWC alum who has served and isn't on the list below. Please contact Jane Leary at so we can update our records.

Alumni Who Have Served

Sharon Bourgault Avery '76, Army
David Backhaus '08, Marines
James Bagnall '69*, Marines
Robert Bagnall '66, Marines
Steven Bagnall '76, Marines
Jason Barnett '02
Kelly Beman '96, Army
Patrick Bonner '05, Air Force
Michael Boratko '04, Army National Gaurd
Bill Bouffard '68, Air Force
Therese Schiffer Brehm '82, Army
James Brewer '77, Army
William Brimmer '67, Army
John Brown '74, Navy
Kenneth Cahill '65, Air Force
Martin Carmody '70, Army
Paul Carrier '85, Air Force
Kenneth Carpenter '65, Coast Guard
Douglas Carpenter '67, Coast Guard
Raul Castro '13, Army
Michael Critz '71, Navy 
James Cullen '88, Coast Guard
Peter Curran '65, Army
Christopher Demanski '89, Marines
Daniel Diaz '06, Marines
Jason Diaz '98
A. James Dionizio '65, Navy
Justin Donnelly '83, Army
Guy Dube '66, Air Force
James Egan '73*, Navy
Ronald Ferri, Army (staff)
James Ficaro '74, Navy
Raymond Fitzgerald '84, Navy
Jeffrey Fusick '03, Navy
Christopher Gauthier '82, Army/Navy
Frank Genovese '65, Marines
David Gleason '76, Army
Robert Glynn '65, Coast Guard
Francis Gould*, Army
Randal Gurchin '73, Air Force
Thomas Hill '65*, Army
Katherine Stovall Jordan '82, Army
Kenneth Kammann '67*
Thomas Kerrigan '67, Air Force
John King '65, Army
Vincent Kraft '68, Navy
Kenneth Kudla '65, Army
Matthew Kudla '06, Navy
Allen Latham '65, Army
Albert Lavoie '65, Navy
Barry Lazlo '65, Navy
John Leary '65, Army
Wilder Leavitt '82, Air Force
Matthew Lecours '05, Army
Robert Leeds '73, Navy
Leonard Lefevre '66, USAF/Army
Paul Lefebvre '71, Marines
George Lescarbeau '66*, Army
Siegfried Lisischeff '89, Army National Gaurd
Jennifer Long '83, Army NG/Marines
James Malone '71, Navy
Tyler Marciano '91, Army
John Mastro '68, Army
Suzanne Matassa '77, Army
Joseph McAndrews '10
Peter McCarthy '76, Marines
Jesse McLain '14, Army
Michael Melluzzo '66*, Army
Bruce Morin '67, Air Force
Jay Motyl '71, Air Force
Gerard Mullane '77, Army
Stephen Mulligan '65, Army
Kelly Murray '83, Army
Neil Murray '77, Army
Robley Newton '70, Navy
Michael Nixon '01, Army
Francis, Pallotti '71, Navy
Jacob Pearsall '08, Army
Kenneth Pugh '65*, Army
Jeffrey Quinn '81, Army
Kerry Quinn '83, Marines
Luke Ralston, Army/Marines (staff)
Mary Randall '72, Navy
Jahmal Reyes-Dawes '05, Marines
Shirley Marquis Richardson '93, Navy
Evelyn Roman '89, Navy
Eileen Conlon Scott '76, Air Force
William Shages '65, Merchant Marines
John Shukie, Marines (staff)
Joshua Sider '03, Army
Amberlie Silva '03
Robert Slusarz '67, Air Force
Alex Sonski '74, Army
Lisa Stewart '81, Army
Colby Thresher, Army (staff)
Rupert Townsend '78*, Army
John Tully '68*, Navy
John Tytla '72, Army
Ronald Urban '71, Army
Paul Warner '72, Air Force

NWC Celebrates Veterans Day

Our next Veterans Day celebration will be held Monday, November 12 at 10am. If you'd like to join us, please contact Jane Leary at or Patricia Walsh at

2018 Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

What is the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame?

The NWC Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame honors alumni who exhibited exceptional athletic achievements as well as anyone who has made an outstanding contribution to NWC athletics in any other capacity. Every year the School hosts a ceremony where these legends in NWC athletic history are inducted. The inductees from each celebration are listed below.

2005 Inductees

Jack Phelan '72
Mike Eagan '74
Sally Scully '77
Norman Bailey '80
Walter Stosuy (Honorary)

2006 Inductees

Jim Akin '68
Mike Tyler '73
Danielle Schiffer  Andruszkiewicz '77
Mike Remigino '87
Charlie Larson (Honorary)

2007 Inductees

William Mullady '66
Richard Fairbrother '70
Dennis Robinson '75
Mary Cobb Gothers '80
Elizabeth McNulty Alquist '87

2008 Inductees

Chuck Harding '71
Patricia Knighton '76
Mike Cobb '77
Karen Rodgers Miller '81
John Shukie (Honorary)

2010 Inductees

Steve Balkun '74
Colleen Brewer Moore '80
Ed Connors '83
Hope Kelley '83
Jonathan Reed '94

2009 Inductees

James Lynch '67
Michael Klimas '73
Maura Cavanagh Dick '86
Brian Mathews '88
Sarah Gaspar '93

2011 Inductees

Victor Cruse '67
Ned Guillet '69
Tom Bisson '78
Susan Rodgers '84
Maura Rodgers '89

2012 Inductees

Pete Curran '65
Bill Griffin '69
Suzanne Roemke '76
Heather Porch Rutkowski '90
Chuck Mears '95

2013 Inductees

John Lyons '70
Robert Marques '77
Bruce Mathews '88
Andrea Clarke '96
Shayla Wallace '97
Mary Holloway Preble, Honorary, awarded posthumously

2014 Inductees

Thomas Clark '68
Peter Egan '71
William Egan '76
Ellen Gloekler Murphy '78
Brooks Sales '98

2015 Inductees

Matthew Hogan '67
Larry Hogan '68
Carolyn Hughes LaMonaca ’75
Franklyn Chang ’86
Former NWC coach Dennis McCormack, Honorary Member


2016 Inductees

Tom Landers ’67
Bill Scully ’70
Jacqui Bisson Gustafson ’75
John Shukie ’95
Bill Baker, Honorary Member 

2017 Inductees

Charles A. (Chuck) Drury ’65
William Joseph Keenan, Jr. ’69
Frank Pericolosi ’93
Kurt Manuel Reis ’97
Jill Carpenter Devor ’99
Kelly Carpenter Habif ’99

2018 Inductees

Gerard Pilkington ’69
Ellen Rodgers Fox ’85
Sean Gant ’85
Tricia Murray Parris ’96
Christopher J. Thorner ’02

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