Gifts of publicly-traded securities and mutual funds not only benefit Northwest Catholic High School, but can also be structured in ways that will be extremely beneficial to you by minimizing taxes.

Publicly traded Securities

These gifts will be credited at the full fair market value on the day of the transfer of ownership. Our policy is for securities to be sold immediately by our agent.

Gifts of readily marketable securities that have appreciated provide an excellent means of benefiting Northwest Catholic High School while improving your tax picture. 

Mutual Funds

Donations of mutual funds result in benefits that are similar to donations of stocks, but transaction time is longer. If you are making donations of mutual funds to count during the tax year, please allow up to six weeks for the transaction. Shares of mutual funds will be credited at the net asset value of the shares on the gift date.

Transfer Instructions 

Please contact the Advancement Office for instructions.  
Donna Colliton, Director of Advancement,
860-236-4221 x132
Michelle Kiley, Asssociate Director of Advancement, 860-236-4221 x139