Meet the Team

Sara Avery

Chair of Performing Arts & Productions, English Teacher, Dramateurs Artistic Director and Producer, Senior Class Moderator, Unified Theater Moderator

Celina Marquis '08

Chair of Visual Arts, Visual Arts Teacher, Yearbook Moderator, Empty Bowls Moderator

Daniel Avery '97

Director of Choral Studies, Director Jazz Choir, Unified Jazz Moderator, Computer Science Teacher

Daniel Luddy '03

Director of Instrumental Music, Assistant Girls' Golf Coach, Pep Band Director, Jazz Band Director, Ski Club Moderator, Robotics Moderator

Kate Morran

Dance Teacher, Dramateurs Director and Choreographer, Northwest News Moderator

Rorie Fitzsimons

Technical Theater Teacher, Dramateurs Technical Director

Annamaria Perge

Visual Arts Teacher