Our Community

What Community Means to Us

At Northwest Catholic we are committed to developing and nurturing the whole student in all aspects — academically, athletically, artistically, socially, and spiritually. We are also committed to building a community where all individuals belong and thrive. Celebrating the person and the community is our charge.

We strive to develop a strong sense of responsibility, accountability, and ownership in our students. We expect them to be respectful, responsible role models in everything they do. We encourage both leadership and service, and we challenge our students to be good citizens, demonstrating compassion for others and living a life centered on values.

Our high expectations for our students' individual behavior translates into the kind of community Northwest Catholic enjoys. This unique sense of community is felt in the classrooms, hallways, and common spaces, as well as in our extracurricular activities.

Please explore the following pages to discover more about the special community at NWC. 




Our motto is a reminder that the years spent at Northwest Catholic are years of serious study. The purpose of study is the attainment of truth in every field of human knowledge. The light of God's help directs our study so that we recognize truth as it really is, in His light.

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