Faculty Directory

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Miriam Abate

Titles: Business Manager
Departments: Finance, Leadership Team

Charlotte Adams Brooks

Titles: Visual Arts Teacher
Departments: Fine & Performing Arts

Sara Avery

Titles: Chair of Performing Arts & Productions, English Teacher, Dramateurs Artistic Director and Producer, Senior Class Moderator, Unified Theater Moderator
Departments: Fine & Performing Arts, English, Theater

Daniel Avery '97

Titles: Director of Choral Studies, Director Jazz Choir, Unified Jazz Moderator, Computer Science Teacher
Departments: Fine & Performing Arts, Mathematics, Music

Ana Barrett

Titles: World Language Department Chair
Departments: World Language

Lindsey Boland

Titles: Dining Hall Services

Beth Bornstein

Titles: School Nurse
Departments: Student Support Services

Beth Casey Boyle '96

Titles: Junior Class Moderator
Departments: Leadership Team, Alumni Leadership

Madonna Burke

Titles: Religion Teacher
Departments: Religion
1 2 3 9 > showing 1 - 9 of 74 constituents